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Turbo Tourism & Aviation LTD in an airline GSA in Israel.
The founder of Turbo has a long career in the airline industry, working at and with travel agents, airlines & GSA in Israel and around the world.
Israel is a very unique market for the airline industry. Even with a small population of only 8 million people the volume of air traffic is extremely large due to the high demand for Israel high tech products worldwide and for the Israeli public desire for travel around the world.
Even though the market is thriving it does come with its problems.
-The culture differences between Israel and other countries may sometimes block or create difficulties.
-The security problems that Israel experiences are as well a reality that foreigners and foreign airlines are not used.
As an airline GSA in Israel we the expertise and knowhow of how to deal with both worlds.
  •          We adopt the airlines full spirit and culture and pass it on to the market.
  •          We are from Israel. We know the market and understand it and can really the market demand to the airline.
Using the service of an airline GSA in Israel has become more accepted over the years and more airlines make the transition to a GSA or keep their GSA in Israel to deal with the market in Israel.
All our staff have years of experience in the airline industry. Either working for airline or in other airline GSA in Israel. 
Turbo Aviation & Tourism LTD.    |    +972-3-6804230 
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Turbo Aviation & Tourism LTD.    |    +972-3-6804230 

Contact us today for more information: